… is that when a player has an interface problem that actually effects that part of your game, you don’t get a bug report.

I have a problem in Vanguard beta right now where, if I try to open a pop-up interface window like the options panel, quest windows, or the bug reporting pop-up, it apparently defaults to some other resolution, because I’ll see it pop into what looks like 320×240 resolution or thereabouts, then flash back to the (laggy, but beautifully rendered) 1024×768 I am playing at, with no visible pop-up.

Now, of course, I _could_ post the problem in the forums… if I could access them.  Unfortunately, whatever my login and password are supposed to be, I have not been informed of them.  (It is apparently not my Station login, or my Vanguard account login, or any of a dozen other combinations of likely values I tried…)

Ah, the joys of beta-testing… 🙂