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Rolemaster Cover-original Character Law bookRolemaster (1982)
 Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises (
 Copyright: (c) 1982 Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc.
 Advancement: Level/XP based, modified
 Features: Extensive skill system, individual weapon/attack charts, detailed critical hit system, massive magic system

If there is ever an award for the RPG system that best represents the phrase “More Is Better”, Rolemaster will be the title to beat.  From it’s inception, this has been the game that tried to provide detail and resolution options for Everything.  Three revisions (at least), dozens of expansions and alternate settings… if you need some inspiration on possible ways to handle anything, anything at all, the Rolemaster line has always been a good place to start searching.

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Two very similar posts from rather different perspectives at Virgin Worlds and “Maybe Progress Quest wasn’t that far off” and “Casual Play: Lowbies of the World, Unite!”.

The Virgin Worlds article talks about growing frustration, subsequent bouts of alt-itis, and finally discontinuation of play well before the “end-game”, resulting from reaching the point where “I no longer feel that I can make progress in a typical gaming session”, a period of about 2 hours for the writer.

At, the writer of the editorial states “a long-running problem I have in massive online games is my inability to stick with one character.  I like to try everything, sample every class and combination… this has held me back in the traditional treadmill games”

Here you have an “Achiever” perspective and an “Explorer” perspective, both largely admitting (paraphrasing here) that the “end-game” is usually a waste of effort on the devs part as far as they are concerned… they never see it.  Additionally, the comments following both posts are largely supportive as well: “You’re not alone”, “Can I get an Amen!”, and so on.

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