Not as cool as a Gamma World MMO would be (I want my dual-brain methane-propelled mutated cactus!), but it could be fun anyway.  Damion mentions it on his blog, with links.  Raph did as well.

This gives me a perfect opportunity to pick a trivial nit with Mr. Schubert’s AGC presentation “Men in Tights” (about the only one I had, actually).  One of his points was that “You don’t need fantasy, but you need a world that’s inviting”.  The first slide was a shot of the gang on the TV show Cheers.  The next slide was a prototypical “city in flames” shot.

Despite the excellent point (and a nice little sight gag), a city in flames is no more representative of the entirety of a post-apocalyptic setting than a snapshot of Hell (or nearly any “end-game” instance/setting) would be of the entirety of fantasy.  The basic point is well-taken… but I’ve been a little worried that it would be taken too far.  Whether Interplay actually makes it to release or not ($75 million?), at least the idea is still out there.

A comment on the thread at Zen of Design also brought up an interesting point.  I do hope they don’t get caught up in the “everything is a desert” concept from Mad Max/Road Warrior.  The original RPGs didn’t… hopefully they hire designers who do more than review promo shots from Road Warrior, or worse, Beyond Thunderdome.  (There’s always Waterworld, I guess… -shudder-).