Just a reminder post for myself, essentially…

From Raph’s Do Levels Suck, Part II of a while back…

  • feedback for achievements
  • public status based on achievements
  • gated communities that require special status to enter
  • the lure of power based on significant achievements
  • regular changes or variation in the challenges undertaken within a given playstyle
  • cozy worlds created with players segmented based on when they entered the game and the rate at which they leveled; or self-selected by players

From Damion Schubert’s AGC presentation

  • Easy evaluation of potential partners and enemies
  • Reward devotion over skill
  • Need a reason not to cancel
  • Substantial improvement over minor improvement
  • Realism needs to drive/encourage realistic behavior
  • Continual rewards for their playstyle

Combining them is the goal…