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Freedom Fighters CoverFreedom Fighters (1986)
Publisher: Fantasy Games Unlimited
Copyright: (c) 1986 J. Andrew Keith, cover and interior art (c) 1986 William H. Keith Jr.
Advancement: Skills, percentile-based
Features: hundreds of defined skills, trait and motivation scores, verbal interaction resolution system

Freedom Fighters is another Fantasy Games Unlimited title from the mid-80s that has a lot of interesting ideas and concepts to explore.   It was sold as a typical boxed set with rule books, dice, and a sample adventure. 

While nearly all FGU games featured highly detailed and relatively complex rule systems, this one definitely stands out even in that crowd.  The sheer volume of detail packed into the two books that make up the rules, a total of about 180 pages, rivals that of systems with 2 to 3 times the page count… in part because only a handful of pages (maybe a dozen total) are dedicated to setting and plot options.  This was intentional: the setting was left to the GM to design.

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