Just wanted to note that I’ve recently added a couple of pages to track and index some of the ongoing features (RPG Archive, Voyages-related posts).  I’ll be adding a Skills page here at some point as well, although that one might be a bit (maybe I’ll just put it up in stages, instead of trying to get it all complete and formatted before the “unveiling”…)

Bought NWN2 recently, actually have a few hours in it now.  Solid game, and I like the editor too… too bad it’s so tightly bound to D+D.  It has to be some kind of commentary on my RP tastes that the only thing that keeps me playing (having just reached the second chapter with one of my 5 characters, now) is exploring the various NPC interactions.  I’ve been trying to get a feel (without cheating and going into the module code) for 1) what romances are possible, 2) how many real reaction options are available, and 3) how many of the NPCs you can possibly bring to the “end game” in one run-thru, given the interplay between them.  I haven’t outright tried to kill the tiefling Neeshka yet, for example (tough one… I like the wit that character brings to some of the cutscenes).. still some paths to pursue (and given certain cut scenes, I somewhat doubt I can kill her, even if I choose that apparent option at the first encounter…)

The storyline itself is entertaining as well… but I do already feel a bit constrained.  Having my CG Wizard/Rogue go thru the motions of squiring, presumably because I didn’t want to be an assassin?  Other (more moderate) paths could have been defined: this particular character is a very poor fit for that path (a rather poor melee fighter, for one… many thanks to the design gods for Khelgar).  Of course, maybe they were, and I missed them somehow… I’ll have to get my “evil route” character further along at some point…