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RuneQuest Cover RuneQuest (1984)
Publisher: The Avalon Hill Game Company (
Orig. Copyright: (c) 1978, 1979, 1980, 1984 Chaosium Inc. (
Current Publisher: Mongoose Publishing (
Advancement: Skills, percentile based, usage-based
Features: hit locations, initial character skills based on years per “occupation”, varied magic systems

RuneQuest was one of the titles that became available during the first major burst of releases in pen-and-paper RPGs, in the mid-to-late 70s. It was one of the games that succeeded in working it’s way into a limited number of mainstream outlets, toy stores and the like, mainly through the publishing agreement with Avalon Hill, I imagine. While it never became quite as well known as D&D, it was definitely a title you were aware of if you were at all involved in the gaming scene of the time.

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Two more interesting posts on the everpresent RMT issue, and how it interacts with the microtransaction payment model, from Moorgard and Raph.  Raph’s post in particular is very detailed and enlightening (as usual): some very good stuff to chew on there.

I like the concept that MMOs and the like are essentially selling a context… that makes a lot of sense to me…

As intimated in my previous post, some more reflections on how RMT might impact my “Voyages” game concept below the fold…

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