Quite the week: election judging was an interesting experience, and fun, but good lord, quite a long day.  Started at 6am (which meant a 4:30am wake up call), got out of there at 10:30pm.  I’ve felt less exhausted after a day of hauling and laying sod!  Although, I do think a couple of nights working the pea pack at the canning company back in my high school days might have been comparable…

I’m definitely doing it again next time.  Some wonderful people to work with, and with an amazing variety of experiences and perspectives.  Good times.

Then there was the pile of work to take care of, that kind of blew into the office while I was gone (1 day!).  And the board meeting.  And the continuing saga of viruses at one of our customer’s sites.  And it’s snowing (finally).


It’s almost the weekend, right?