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The MMO-dev blog topic of the moment is WYSIWYG loot.  This one started at Nerfbat, and spread over time to Psychochild, Raph, Sara Jensen, Darniaq, and probably a dozen other places I haven’t found yet.

Most of the commentary has been pretty solid from my point of view, both positive and negative.  Instead of getting into the specifics of that particular concept, much of which has already been well covered, I’d rather take some time and just do some blue-sky thinking on what could be done with this concept and related items under other circumstances. Word to the wise: that’s Damiano-speak for “detail the h*** out of it”.

There are four potential factors that largely get abstracted into oblivion in the current crop of MMOs (and frankly, have been since the beginning of the genre as far as I’m aware): detection of loot, removal of loot, encumbrance and bulk of loot, and the possibility of loot not directly attached to a (new) corpse.  Some random thoughts related to “un-abstracting” each of these elements after the jump…

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